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Welcome to TeamLytica's Copyright Notice.

This page outlines the copyright protection and usage terms for all our proprietary assessments, including the free TeamLytica Report, the paid versions, the Team360 Assessment, and the benchmark assessments. These assessments are valuable tools designed to enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity. To maintain the integrity of our intellectual property and to ensure the best user experience, please read and abide by the following copyright guidelines:  

1.     Copyrighted Assessments:  

All assessments provided by TeamLytica, including the TeamLytica Report, the paid versions, the Team360 Assessment, and the benchmark assessments, are copyrighted works. These assessments are original and unique products developed by TeamLytica's experts, incorporating years of research and expertise in team dynamics and behavior.  

2.     Access Through TeamLytica Application and Portal:  

TeamLytica's assessments, including the TeamLytica Report, Team360 Assessment, and benchmark assessments, are accessible exclusively through our paid TeamLytica application and secure portal. The use and distribution of these assessments outside of the authorised TeamLytica platform are strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.  

3.     Free TeamLytica Report:  

The free TeamLytica Report, available through our platform, offers users valuable insights into their team roles and dynamics. While this report is complimentary, it remains subject to copyright protection. Users are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to view and use the free TeamLytica Report for personal and non-commercial purposes only.  

4.     Paid Versions:  

TeamLytica offers advanced paid versions of our assessments, providing more comprehensive analysis and tailored recommendations to improve team performance. These paid versions are protected by copyright and are accessible exclusively to users who have purchased the appropriate licenses through the TeamLytica application.  

5.     Team360 Assessment:

The Team360 Assessment is a powerful tool designed to gather feedback from team members to gain a holistic view of team dynamics. It is an essential copyrighted component of the TeamLytica platform and is available only through the paid application.  

6.     Benchmark Assessments:  

TeamLytica's benchmark assessments serve as valuable comparative tools to help teams gauge their performance against industry standards. These benchmark assessments are copyrighted materials accessible only through the paid TeamLytica application.  

7.     Unauthorised Use Prohibited:  

Reproduction, distribution, public display, modification, or creation of derivative works based on TeamLytica's copyrighted assessments without explicit authorization is strictly prohibited. Violation of our copyright terms may lead to legal action and potential liability for damages.  

8.     Respect for Intellectual Property:  

At TeamLytica, we value and respect intellectual property rights. We encourage users to use our assessments responsibly, as intended, and within the authorised framework provided by the TeamLytica application and portal.  

By using the TeamLytica platform and accessing our copyrighted assessments, you acknowledge and agree to comply with our copyright notice and terms of use. TeamLytica reserves the right to take appropriate action to protect its intellectual property and ensure the best user experience for all our valued customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our copyright notice or the use of TeamLytica's assessments, please contact our support team for assistance. Thank you for choosing TeamLytica to enhance your team's performance and collaboration!  

Accreditation Courses and Associated Learning Materials: In addition to our proprietary assessments, TeamLytica offers comprehensive accreditation courses that empower individuals and organisations to become certified practitioners in utilising our assessment tools effectively. These accreditation courses are meticulously designed by our expert trainers and subject matter specialists to provide in-depth knowledge, practical insights, and hands-on experience in applying the TeamLytica assessments.  

9.     Copyrighted Learning Materials:  

Our accreditation courses come with a range of valuable learning materials, including course guides, instructional videos, case studies, and interactive exercises. These learning materials are copyrighted and intended for use solely within the context of our accreditation programs. Unauthorised distribution, reproduction, or sharing of these materials outside the accredited training environment is strictly prohibited.  

10.  Exclusive Accreditation Portal:  

Participants enrolled in our accreditation courses gain access to an exclusive accreditation portal, where they can access and download the copyrighted learning materials. The accreditation portal is a secure platform that ensures the protection of our copyrighted content and provides a seamless learning experience for our accredited practitioners.  

11.  Enhancing Expertise:  

Our accreditation courses aim to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to interpret and apply assessment results effectively. We focus on enhancing their expertise in guiding teams and individuals toward better collaboration, communication, and overall performance. The copyrighted learning materials play a pivotal role in delivering comprehensive and up-to-date training.  

12.  Applying Accreditation Skills:  

Upon successful completion of the accreditation courses, participants become certified TeamLytica practitioners. They gain the ability to administer assessments, interpret results, and deliver valuable insights and feedback to teams and organizations. These newly acquired skills contribute to improved team dynamics and foster a culture of enhanced productivity and harmony.  

13.  Continued Support and Updates:  

TeamLytica is committed to the success of our accredited practitioners. As part of our ongoing support, we provide access to updated learning materials and resources to ensure practitioners stay informed about the latest developments and enhancements in the TeamLytica assessment tools and methodologies.  

14.  Respecting Copyright and Intellectual Property:  

TeamLytica takes intellectual property rights seriously, and we expect all accredited practitioners to uphold the same level of respect for our copyrighted materials. Practitioners are required to adhere to copyright guidelines and refrain from sharing or reproducing copyrighted content beyond the scope of their accreditation.  

At TeamLytica, we believe that empowering professionals with the right knowledge and tools is crucial to fostering effective teamwork and achieving organisational success. Our accreditation courses and copyrighted learning materials are a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of team dynamics and collaboration.  

For more information about our accreditation courses and associated learning materials, please reach out to our dedicated support team. We look forward to supporting your journey in becoming a certified TeamLytica practitioner and driving positive change within your teams and organizations.  

Accredited Coaches

Only accredited coaches can use TeamLytica.

The training and support you get will ensure you have the right level of knowledge to be able to coach teams as well as individuals. Then our reporting platform gives you a strong structure, providing you with a foundation that you can build on with your own knowledge and experience.

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Non-Profit & Charity

July 13, 20233 min read

Non-Profit & Charity

Managing volunteers can often be challenging as their motivation might not be aligned to the team or organisation.

The challenges facing charities and non-profits are extreme. Figures indicate that there are more than 185,000 charities in the UK, with an additional 5,000 added every year. Managers and their teams, therefore, must find money to sustain their operations, even in the presence of increased competition.

Non-profits and charities need to diversify their revenue streams, adjust to new regulations, and find ways to plug skills gaps. Organisations will only achieve those goals, however, if they have competent, functional teams.

Here’s where TeamLytica can help. It’s a bespoke platform designed to root out team and management issues that might plague your charity or non-profit and provide actionable solutions enabling you to rectify the problem.

Using KITE – K – Knowledge, I – Insights, T – Training, E – Empowerment. 

The way that the platform works is simple. Employees in your organisation complete the TeamLytica’s KITE survey – a series of 54 questions covering nine critical team and management domains. The platform then compiles the data to generate a 28-page report on the performance of your team and steps managers can take to improve the situation.

The questionnaire is entirely confidential, so you get honest feedback. What’s more, it covers all the critical issues that are important for a capable, functional team, including leadership, trust, resilience, harmony and the ability to serve stakeholders.

Non-profit and charity organisations can sometimes struggle to incentivise quality work. It’s incumbent on leaders, therefore, to align employees with the goals of the organisation and ensure that they get the best possible performance from them. The Team Summary section of the report provides critical insights into each of the factors that determine the health of your team, providing an average score overview, as well as comments for what might be going wrong.

The report also contains a series of action plans based on the results. Thus, you get insights for how to best approach the various factors that might be holding you back.

We aim to do things a little differently at TeamLytica – we’re here to help.

Research from NCVO reveals that the public wants more data on how charities are run. Reports from TeamLytica help you find out whether the teams in your organisation are finding effective ways to deal with the external pressures that they face from the public, donors and other stakeholders.

Many charities comprise multiple teams, focused on a variety of different projects. As any experienced non-profit or charity manager knows, some units can be vastly more effective than others. TeamLytica’s platform provides a host of tools that you can use to root out problems in specific teams and correct them. The comparison panel lets you compare units that might be failing with those that are not, based on their feedback in the KITE survey. You can quickly identify pressing management issues and make changes based on real data.

When non-profits and charities have effective teams, they’re able to deliver powerful, world-changing results and attract more funding. The more management insights you can glean about people in your organisation, the more efficiently they’ll be able to deliver projects in the field. With TeamLytica’s actionable insights, you can take steps today to build a more robust team of people.

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