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Our Story

Our Story

TeamLytica began when Mark Hide, our founder, recognised a gap in the market for a unique approach to helping teams and leaders increase their performance and productivity. Mark has had extensive experience in high level roles, he has gained an MBA, and has majored in leadership and team development. He has managed teams of over 500+ personnel and controlled multi-million budgets, and is all too aware of the stresses and strains that come with that level of responsibility. 

Combine that with his experience of running his own business and his exploration of more than forty countries around the world, including jungles, deserts, and high-altitude mountain ranges, and Mark began developing ideas of how to use all of his vast experience and training to improve team performance in a way not see before.

Uniquely different to other team assessment tools

Mark has used many psychometric tools over the last twenty years – both as a senior manager of his own teams, but also during his time as leadership and team development coach. They all have their place, and they do offer value if they are completed, interpreted and used correctly. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority aren’t - unless the report is used for a specific purpose, such as recruitment.

Too often the reality is that the candidate will complete it, often being amazed by the results (even though they completed it), the boss might have a discussion with them, and then it might make its way home to show a partner. 

It then tends to gather dust in a drawer and is never seen again.

Mark wanted to go further than the average psychometric test. He wanted to build a report that would be immediately helpful to teams and managers. He wanted to provide something that could be easily accessible and understood by all who completed it. A practical report that does not rely on academia for a way forward, but a pragmatic, common sense document that would help move the performance dial, and, more importantly, track performance changes over time.General hero

Our Facilitators

Photo of Mark Hide

Mark Hide

I’m Mark Hide and I’ve sent the last 20 years running my own company delivering leadership and team development programs. I’ve had a blast and worked with amazing companies both here in the UK and overseas.

But, I can’t deny, it’s also been really challenging - maintaining a regular income stream, trying to differentiate in a crowded marketplace, struggling to prove ROI with clients who have an ever decreasing budget and using ever-more complex diagnostic and psychometric assessment tools that are too clever for their own good.

So, I decided to build a team assessment tool that was simple to use, effective, pragmatic and based on common sense rather than academia. A tool that supports coaches, trainers, HR practitioners just like you to help your client teams and managers to understand, train and embed both short and longer-term habits that deliver higher performance traits in any team.

Being short-listed for the INNOVATIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY AWARDS 2023 has given us a boost in confidence and credibility.

I am excited to bring fresh thinking, every day through the TeamLytica platform.

Photo of Paula Nickson
Photo of Paula Nickson

Paula Nickson

With over 20 years in leadership, and a passion for making life easier, I call myself a leadership geek! I can’t help but get stuck into making leadership a smoother, more rewarding experience for my clients.

Whether you’re leading people, yourself, your business, clients or suppliers it doesn’t need to feel tough. Understanding people (including yourself) can help to build trust, resilience and to unlock potential.

Since setting up Greater Than Ltd in 2013 I have been achieving outcomes by:

- bringing business leaders together to work as peers in the BEIS Peer Network programme and now for businesses across Oxfordshire

- coaching progressive professionals towards the outcomes they truly value: OXLEP; West Oxon CC; NHS and many more.

- stimulating & enabling high quality communications & innovative results through impactful workshops for a fascinating variety of participants.

I am excited to bring fresh thinking, every day through TeamLytica facilitation and training.