Our Approach

Our Approach

We’re Not Another Psychometric Test

We are fans, and have often used, psychometric profiling tools and assessments for teams that we've managed or worked with. The big problem with them is that they are often purchased with little regard for using them longer-term. After the initial 'wow' moment, they end up in a drawer gathering dust as no-one seems to know what to do next.

At TeamLytica, we answer the 'so, now what?

TeamLytica Founder, Mark Hide, has used many psychometric tools over the last twenty years – both as a senior manager of his own teams, but also during his time as a leadership and team development coach. They all have their place, and they do offer value if they are completed, interpreted and used correctly. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority aren’t - unless the report is used for a specific purpose, such as recruitment.

Too often the reality is that the candidate will complete it, often being amazed by the results (even though they completed it), the boss might have a discussion with them, and then it might make its way home to show a partner. 


It then tends to gather dust in a drawer and is never seen again.

Mark wanted to go further than the average psychometric test. He wanted to build a report that would be immediately helpful to teams and managers. He wanted to provide something that could be easily understood by all who completed it. A practical report that does not rely on academia for a way forward, but a pragmatic, common sense document that would help move the performance dial, and, more importantly, track performance changes over time.

Practical. Pragmatic. Common-Sense. Get Sh*t Done. Purposefully Non-Academic.

Accredited Coaches

Only accredited coaches can use TeamLytica.

The training and support you get will ensure you have the right level of knowledge to be able to coach teams as well as individuals. Then our reporting platform gives you a strong structure, providing you with a foundation that you can build on with your own knowledge and experience.

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NHS & Health Services

July 13, 20233 min read

NHS & Health Services

Understanding how to get the very best from teams within the NHS and healthcare sector.

The NHS is the largest employer in the UK and faces several unique team and management issues.

NHS spending has increased over recent years, but many people argue that it has not kept pace with need. Management, therefore, has had to find ways to economise, making better use of fewer resources.

The NHS faces several critical issues; primarily incentives and accountability. The financial structure of the organisation often means that it can be challenging to bring teams together to achieve shared goals. Managers, therefore, need robust tools at their disposal to deliver effective health teams, centred on patient care.

TeamLytica is a platform that NHS managers can use to discover why some teams appear to have high performance than others. It also identifies problems and offers actionable managerial insights to resolve them.

Using KITE – K – Knowledge, I – Insights, T – Training, E – Empowerment. 

The way that the platform works is simple. Workers receive the KITE – knowledge, insight, training and empowerment – questionnaire and answer 54 questions covering various aspects of team performance. The TeamLytica platform then collates the data generated to produce a 28-page report, detailing the responses of the questionnaire and critical insights for management. Managers can then use this information combined with intelligent insights to boost the performance of their team.

Every report comes with a team summary: a high-level overview of the performance of your teams and management over nine critical domains: leadership, delivery, trust, capability, energy, harmony, stakeholders, accountability and resilience.

In the NHS, delivering on each of these domains is essential for ensuring a functional team that serves patients interests. Trust is crucial in the health setting, for instance. Workers need to feel confident about approaching managers with issues, especially those relating to patient wellbeing.

Resilience is important too. Managers need to be able to craft teams that can withstand budget pressures and still deliver a high level of patient care. TeamLytica’s metrics provide you with insight into how well your organisation is dealing with these pressures and the degree to which members are relying on others to bear the load.

We aim to do things a little differently at TeamLytica – we’re here to help.

Some NHS teams work much more effectively than others, but the reasons can remain invisible to managers. TeamLytica’s powerful analytics platform provides vital insights into why this might be the case by comparing the results of one team’s KITE survey to that of another. Both, for instance, might score equally well on several of the domains, but the underperforming team might lag in specific areas. Managers can use these insights to take actionable steps to improve team performance.

Managers in the NHS are under enormous pressure to make better use of taxpayer resources and deliver a high quality of care. Part of the solution to the current funding environment is to build better teams. The more cohesive your operation, the better you can serve patients, and the higher the quality of the overall service.

With TeamLytica, you can get immediate insights into why your teams might not be performing as they should. With more than nine domains of interest, you’re bound to find where the problem lies.

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