Our Approach

Our Approach

We’re Not Another Psychometric Test

We are fans, and have often used, psychometric profiling tools and assessments for teams that we've managed or worked with. The big problem with them is that they are often purchased with little regard for using them longer-term. After the initial 'wow' moment, they end up in a drawer gathering dust as no-one seems to know what to do next.

At TeamLytica, we answer the 'so, now what?

TeamLytica Founder, Mark Hide, has used many psychometric tools over the last twenty years – both as a senior manager of his own teams, but also during his time as a leadership and team development coach. They all have their place, and they do offer value if they are completed, interpreted and used correctly. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority aren’t - unless the report is used for a specific purpose, such as recruitment.

Too often the reality is that the candidate will complete it, often being amazed by the results (even though they completed it), the boss might have a discussion with them, and then it might make its way home to show a partner. 


It then tends to gather dust in a drawer and is never seen again.

Mark wanted to go further than the average psychometric test. He wanted to build a report that would be immediately helpful to teams and managers. He wanted to provide something that could be easily understood by all who completed it. A practical report that does not rely on academia for a way forward, but a pragmatic, common sense document that would help move the performance dial, and, more importantly, track performance changes over time.

Practical. Pragmatic. Common-Sense. Get Sh*t Done. Purposefully Non-Academic.

Accredited Coaches

Only accredited coaches can use TeamLytica.

The training and support you get will ensure you have the right level of knowledge to be able to coach teams as well as individuals. Then our reporting platform gives you a strong structure, providing you with a foundation that you can build on with your own knowledge and experience.

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Professional Services

July 11, 20233 min read

Professional Services

Building better teams to deliver enhanced client projects and drive productivity and performance.

Professional service provision is becoming increasingly complex. Gone are the days where individual employees worked on client projects. The emphasis now is on bringing all of the skills of the team to bear on client issues.

Creating effective teams is, therefore, a top priority for firms operating in the professional services industry. They need leaders and managers who understand how to bring people together to deliver transformational change for their clients. Unhappy teams provide poor results and can lead to client dissatisfaction, reducing competitiveness and, ultimately, the viability of the enterprise.

K – Knowledge, I – Insights, T – Training, E – Empowerment. 

TeamLytrica is a tool that managers in the professional services industry can use to identify problems in their teams and get actionable solutions. The KITE questionnaire, which stands for knowledge, insights, training and empowerment, is a confidential survey containing 54 questions across nine categories for team members. The platform then takes the responses of the team and uses them to generate a report that allows managers to quickly identify issues and put in place measures to solve them.

Management issues in the professional services environment are notoriously complex. Teams are often highly interdependent, relying ad hoc on the skills of others, as and when the situation warrants it. Managers, therefore, need to focus less on process and more on interpersonal relations than in practically any other line of business.

We aim to do things a little differently at TeamLytica – we’re here to help.

TeamLytica is a powerful tool that you can use to resolve interpersonal conflict and identify the roots of any problems in your team. The service includes a measure of trust, telling you how much your colleagues trust you and feel confident that you mean what you say. It also gives you a test of harmony – an indication of how happy team members are working with each other and management. If scores are low, the platform provides immediately actionable insights, allowing you to see where you’ve gone wrong and how you can improve.

Managers in the professional services industry face a range of unique challenges. First and foremost is the need to motivate teams to work together and support each other, even when things get tough. TeamLytica provides a detailed overview of resilience among your employees, showing you visually how well they’re coping with the demands placed on them by clients and the organisation.

Managers also face challenges in establishing group goals. Career-orientated personalities in the team might be tempted to act in their strategic interest instead of that of the group. TeamLytica provides detailed insights that help managers adopt leadership practices that bypass these temptations to build single-minded teams, focused on results that benefit the entire organisation.

For managers who oversee multiple locations, such as partners at a law firm, TeamLytica also offers tools that compare results from various sites. You’re able to drill down into the data to find out why some teams in your organisation are healthy and functional, while others aren’t. You can even import key performance indicators and correlate them with the results of the survey to generate more granular insights for management.

Use TeamLytica today to find out more about what makes teams effective in your organisation

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