Our Approach

Our Approach

We’re Not Another Psychometric Test

We are fans, and have often used, psychometric profiling tools and assessments for teams that we've managed or worked with. The big problem with them is that they are often purchased with little regard for using them longer-term. After the initial 'wow' moment, they end up in a drawer gathering dust as no-one seems to know what to do next.

At TeamLytica, we answer the 'so, now what?

TeamLytica Founder, Mark Hide, has used many psychometric tools over the last twenty years – both as a senior manager of his own teams, but also during his time as a leadership and team development coach. They all have their place, and they do offer value if they are completed, interpreted and used correctly. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority aren’t - unless the report is used for a specific purpose, such as recruitment.

Too often the reality is that the candidate will complete it, often being amazed by the results (even though they completed it), the boss might have a discussion with them, and then it might make its way home to show a partner. 


It then tends to gather dust in a drawer and is never seen again.

Mark wanted to go further than the average psychometric test. He wanted to build a report that would be immediately helpful to teams and managers. He wanted to provide something that could be easily understood by all who completed it. A practical report that does not rely on academia for a way forward, but a pragmatic, common sense document that would help move the performance dial, and, more importantly, track performance changes over time.

Practical. Pragmatic. Common-Sense. Get Sh*t Done. Purposefully Non-Academic.

Accredited Coaches

Only accredited coaches can use TeamLytica.

The training and support you get will ensure you have the right level of knowledge to be able to coach teams as well as individuals. Then our reporting platform gives you a strong structure, providing you with a foundation that you can build on with your own knowledge and experience.

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Public Sector

July 13, 20233 min read

Public Sector

Boosting teamwork and performance is challenging when budgets are being squeezed.

If you are a manager in the public sector, you face a variety of pressing challenges. The world is volatile, uncertain and ambiguous: it’s not often clear what the future holds for specific departments or processes. What’s more, technology is changing the nature of public services, reducing staffing requirements and increasing the technical complexity of the work.

Public sector teams need to be able to deliver services to the general public effectively. Dysfunctional groups create internal problems and don’t provide a level of service that taxpayers expect. Many problems begin at the team level, which is why rooting them out and fixing them is so important.

TeamLytica is a tool that does just that. It delves into the management issues that could be affecting the performance and wellbeing of your team and offers solutions to resolve them.

Using KITE – K – Knowledge, I – Insights, T – Training, E – Empowerment. 

The platform uses a confidential questionnaire. Managers send a survey to their colleagues covering nine domains critical for describing the success of the team. Employees then upload their answers to the platform that automatically generates a 28-page report based on the data provided.

The report contains all kinds of valuable insights that enable you to identify issues which might be hampering the effectiveness of your team. Think of it as a diagnostic tool – a way of sniffing out problems that would otherwise be challenging to observe.

The Team Overview page provides an executive summary of team and management performance across nine critical factors: leadership, delivery, trust, capability, energy, harmony, stakeholders, accountability and resilience. You can immediately get a feel for the nature and extent of the problems afflicting your department and take actions to address them.

We aim to do things a little differently at TeamLytica – we’re here to help.

Management in the public sector is difficult; complicated partly by the high levels of unionisation. With TeamLytica, you get a range of simple, actionable steps you can take immediately, based on the findings of the survey. Key development areas could include things like helping new leaders find their feet, better communicating with employees, and training and development options to enhance the effectiveness of leaders.

What about differences in performance between teams in different departments? TeamLytica can help with that too.

Many managers in the public sector often wonder why some teams perform better than others. The TeamLytica platform provides tools that allow you to compare various departments to one another and find the metrics that might explain performance differentials. One team, for instance, might have a high level of trust in management and feel confident with reporting problems; another might not.

Public sector departments also rely heavily on a select few “star” employees: people with the knowledge and expertise to keep the show running. TeamLytica allows you to important key performance metrics and cross-correlate them with employee satisfaction measures from the survey. You’re then immediately able to see whether you’re at risk of losing your most valuable people and adopting management strategies to address this.

The public sector faces management challenges from a changing workforce to people empowerment. It’s vital, therefore, that you use TeamLytica’s tools to uncover the problems holding your team back so that you can continue to deliver to the public.

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